Monday, May 23, 2011

V's disclaimer

Hi there, My name is V. 

I am not quite sure who will be reading my blog other than my boyfriend, but I suppose if you're someone who wondered into my page, you might be curious as to whom I am and how you would relate to my food experiences. So I will start my blog by establishing some baseline about myself.

As I start this food blog, I currently work as a research coordinator at the New York Obesity Research Center. In short, I do research with lots of people struggling with weight issues. Nonetheless, I am very much a junk food junkie (you'll see my many burger postings). That's not to say that I'm not at all health conscious, when confronted with which cheese to put on my burger, I still try to pick lesser of the two evils. 

It's important to note that I am from Taiwan, meaning that I grew up eating lots of Chinese and Japanese food. My mom is not an avid cook, our family meals were mostly eating out or eating take out. What cooking skills I have acquired was over the past few years here in New York, being a poor graduate student/research assistant pushes you towards the kitchen; being away from home gives you an extra nudge to try to replicate delicious food that remind you of home.  

In terms of restaurant, I’m very open-minded, I can name my favorite foods from food trucks, hole in the wall joints, delis or Michelin starred restaurants. I like wine, but don’t know anything about them, except I prefer white over red. I enjoy sweets, and honestly think that I have another stomach for deserts. I cook for my boyfriend and myself almost every week, and once in a while use baking as a mean to release stress. I enjoy cooking, but do not like washing veges (for fear of bugs), and I slightly dislike washing dishes. Oh, I hate peppers, bell peppers to be exact. Not just the green ones, but all red, orange, yellow and whatever colors they might come up with later as well.

Thanks for making it this far, now let my contribution to online food porn begin!